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Quick Scan of Large Scale Farming Operation

RMaris conducted a Quick Scan of a Large Scale Farming Operation in Indonesia.

Visiting HORSCH Maschinen in the Czech republic

In the Czech republic HORSCH Maschinen owns a Large Scale Farm facility of 3.300 hectare.

Sorting potatoes in Nepal

Cleaning and sorting of the potatoes by the Bajrabarahi cooperative in the Makwanpur region in Nepal.

RMaris joints strenghts with HuizingHarvest

On June 25th, RMaris Export & Operational Management signed an agreement with HuizingHarvest B.V. to work closely together on agricultural projects globally.

Value chain analysis of potatoes in Nepal.

From 8th untill 17th of November I have conducted, in cooperation with Agriterra,

Latin America Trade Award 2015

Fairtrasa and The Mobile Factory are the winner and runner-up of the Latin America Trade Award 2015.