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Visiting HORSCH Maschinen in the Czech republic

In the Czech republic HORSCH Maschinen owns a Large Scale Farm facility of 3.300 hectare.

The LSF is used to try-out and test their newly developed equipment. HuizingHarvest together with RMaris have been invited to learn more about the state of the art equipment and the business phylosophy of HORSCH Maschinen told by its founder Mr Michael Horsch.

On this farm they have standardized all equipment to a fieldwork capacity of 12 metres width, tractors run on 60 centimetres tracks and all equipment including tractors have a track width of 3 metres. By doing so lesser damage is done to the soil hence crops preforming better and farmers benefite of a larger yield.

 The 12 metre wide HORSCH Cruiser 6 XL to cultivate and smoothen the field in an optimal manner.